The EXPeditions story

We all feel the pleasure of curiosity, the excitement of acquiring knowledge, of broadening our scope.

In 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, the EXPeditions team packed masks and gloves, a camera, a mic, a light rig, a set of questions, and set out to connect with leading thinkers, researchers and scientists. We scoured the top universities in the UK, the US, Europe, Australia, and India to begin to gather reliable perspectives on the issues that matter to us, to them, and to the world.

Our authors opened up their homes and their minds. They shared “a cup of tea” with us, as well as their passion and knowledge. Not as a lecture, not as a masterclass, but as intimate, brief conversations that people like us could dive into at anytime, anywhere.

Faithful to their thinking and their perspective, we turned these conversations into original videos, podcasts and articles. We call these EXPs – expeditions that can be explored and enjoyed via a simple, elegant app. No fancy graphics, no spills or thrills, no twists, turns or sermons.

EXPeditions engages in accessible conversations with the world’s best minds to create an experience that is enjoyable, intense and resonates with the challenges of our daily lives.

Our EXPs contend with climate change from multiple perspectives, with globalisation and economic growth, citizenship, cities, democracy and politics, colonialism, history, the emotions and nervous states, biology and genetics, medicine, AI, individual and collective identity, feminism, race, the classics, art, philosophy, literature, war, the Holocaust and more.

Like you, we are endlessly curious. Like yours, our time is precious. Knowledge, reliable thinking, ideas are passionate and priceless. From here on in, they are also available to you all.

Embark on a daily EXPerience of Knowledge!

Meet the world’s best minds.